Romantic dinner for two? Sloppy hungover burgers with the lads? Birthday blow out? What your food needs are, we got you.

Here’s how it works:

Open 4pm – late, everyday.

Dinner + Drinks

  • Mon – Thur + Sun :: bookings until 9.30pm
  • Fri + Sat :: minimum 4 persona bookings between 4-6.30pm + 8.30-10pm.

Blow outs

  • For 10+ people, we have the banquet menu available.
  • For 20+ people, we have the canape menu available.
  • For 50+ people, better shoot us an email for that one.

We love parties of all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds – but we don’t do 18th or 21st parties, we’re too old for that shit.

For details on how we host the best events and parties, check out our function pack for more info.


Food Menu


Mixed Crostinis
Your choice of 5 of the following: 16
– pea, mint, ricotta w/ pecorino (v)
– portobello mushroom w/ gruyere, garlic (v)
– smoked eggplant w/ tahini (v*)
– confit Mackerel w kewpie mayo
– smoked tomato w/ ricotta, anchovy 

Mixed Olives
A mix of Australian & anchovy stuffed Spanish olives w pickled garlic & fresh herbs (gf) 7 

Wild Mushroom & Parmesan Aranchini 
Locally sourced wild mushrooms cooked into a creamy risotto & rolled into crispy arancini balls (v). 10 

Smoked Hot Wings
Smoked wings, fried til crisp & drenched in a bitey hot sauce, served w a blue cheese sauce (gf). 12 

Prawn Toasts
Fried pockets of crusty bread stuffed with fresh prawns, rolled in sesame seeds, finished with a dollop of ginger, chili & garlic jam aka lai jao.. 12 


Hot & Numb Squid
Squid quick fried until tender, then tossed in salt & numbing szechaun pepper. Served with a cooling citrus dipping sauce. 18 

BBQ Chorizo & Chimmi Churri
BBQ’d slices of chorizo served with house-made chimmi churri sauce (gf). 16.5 

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls (3)
Authentic NY cheese burgers dressed up as spring rolls, served hot with ketchup. 18 

Kingfish Ceviche
Sliced hiramasa kingfish lightly cured in a Viet citrus dressing served on a bed of avocado mousse, finished w/ crispy eschallots & a hit of chili oil (gf). 20 

Cheese & Mustard Fruits
Your choice of up to 3 of the folllowing:
One 15, Two 22, Three 28 ::
Holy Goat, Vic. & or Ashgrove Cheddar, Tas. & or Castello Blue, Den. 

Roast Cauliflower 
A hearty salad made of roasted cauliflower, tossed with pomegrante & parsley, topped with yoghurt. (v/gf) . 12 

Raw Zucchini & Parmasan Salad 
Raw zucchini sliced & seasoned then tossed into a salad with parmesan, herbs & peas. (v/gf). 11 

Corn Riblets
Grilled corn ‘ribs’ coated in hotsauce and grated haloumi cheese (v). 9 

Roast Pumpkin & Yoghurt Salad
Chunks of crispy roasted pumpkin tossed in a fresh salad with a light yoghurt dressing (v/gf). 12 

Polenta Fries
Creamy polenta fried and burried in parmesan cheese. (gf/v). 7 

Traditional french fries dusted in smoked salt (v/gf) 7, add 5 and get them loaded w bacon, cheese & gravy. 


Juicy Mushroom Rice
A forrest mushroom rice with fried mushrooms and truffled crème fraiche. (v) (gf/v). 22 

Torched Salmon
A torched salmon fillet, served on a bed of chive potato salad, finished with horseradish, lemon and native Warringal greens. (gf) 32 

Tailor’d Burger
Angus chuck & brisket patty, grilled and built in a soft milk bun with crispy bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato & a hit of chipotle. 17 

Dino Rib
A Flinstone’esk beef short-rib, barbequed until charred & juicy then served on a bed of grains, dressed w/ a house made chipotle BBQ sauce. 35 

Roast Pork Belly & Plums
A generous piece of carefully roasted pork belly served with a sticky plum & star anise sauce. (gf)  20

Really Good Fried Chicken
Half a bird of southern style, fried chicken served w/ kimchi mayo. 26


Chocolate Fondant
A rich, gooey chcocolate fondant, served hot with milk jam & sea salt. 15 

Panna Cotta
A light coconut panna cotta, dressed with citrus gel, lime & mint granita & caramalised white chocolate (gf). 15 

Oreo Tiramisu
An indulgent twist on the classic, liqueur soaked oreo’s layered with cream and topped with chocolate. 12

Drinks Menu

Let’s get tropical with mango & papaya infused Cazadores Blanco Tequila paired with a bitter sweet orange liquor & grapefruit bitters.. 18

A fresh and clean drink made with Bison Grass Vodka, lychees, lime juice and Thai basil. 18

Belvedere Unfiltered Vodka with Chandon, fresh strawberries & basil leaves. A subtle association. 21

42 Below Vodka, dry orange Liquor, grapefruit juice & orange blossom, finished with a splash of Riesling. An elegant and refreshing, yet slightly tangy blend. 19

A fruity cocktail with a hint of spice made with fresh strawberries, White Rum, lime juice and housemade jalepeno syrup. 18

A smoky banana combo of Cazadores Blanco Tequila, Mezcal, agave, fresh banana, Aztec chocolate bitters & lime juice. 20

A savoury take on the sour with Woodford Reserve Bourbon, vanilla, citrus, pomegranate, turmeric & burnt cinnamon. 19

A crisp and fresh drink with a hint of floral notes made with Bombay Sapphire, housemade Rose tea syrup, Pimms, lemon juice and cucumber. 20

A vivid mix of Cazadores Blanco Tequila, watermelon juice, Agave jalapeno syrup & lime juice. 18

Refreshing well ballanced drink with Bombay Sapphire Gin, lime juice, mint and housemade watermelon soda. 19

A twist on the classic mojito made with Coconut Rum, lime juice and mint. 18

A peaty + smoky combo of Ardbeg 10 and Mezcal, spiced up with green habanero, lime & honey. A firey one! 20

Rich, butter washed Bacardi 8, tossed with fresh green apple, maple syrup and peat. 18

A holiday treat! Cazadores Blanco Tequila, Yellow Chartreuse, mango puree, lime juice & agave syrup. 19

A tropical drink made with Spiced Rum, Swiss Bitters, pineapple, coconut, lime and Orgeat. 19

Woodford Reserve, Amaretto, homemade honey & coffee beans slowly stirred in Angostura bitters. 19

Bacardi Superior, green apple & orange bitters. For the man that likes to dance. 18

Glenmorangie Original, Amaro Montenegro and Lillet Blanc Vermouth, seasoned with orange and whiskey-barrels bitters. Punchy and delicate at the same time. 21

Hennessy vs Cognac, infused with coconut, apricot brandy & mint leaves. 19

Smokey and floral, Pisco & Mezcal Collins with a hint of ginger spice, hibiscus, lime & vanilla 21


We send out a not-very-regular email when we’ve got cool stuff coming up, plus a little birthday treat for our favourites. Keen?

Wanna get in touch?

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Everyday :: 4pm – midnight

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